Don't know what to wear to your engagement session? I got you covered.

The number one question I always get asked by my clients is what in the world do I wear?! I'm here boo, I got you. These are the photos that will be going on save the dates and posted all over your socials, so you wanna make sure you are your partner are feeling yourselves and looking your absolute best. Well I got some news for ya, I also have a little background in styling so I have some awesome tips to share with you and your love about what to wear!

1) Choose Neutral Tones, Muted Colors or Pastels

This is my go to option when suggesting to couples what colors work best. I think it's best to stay away from super bright or neon colors because they tend to stand out too much and make the focus of the image more of that bright color rather than the both of you! Going with less saturated colors give you and you partner the chance to shine in the image rather than that neon dress. Neutral colors tend to photograph better, they look super flattering and it gives you both a chance to choose different shades while still looking cohesive together.

2) Pick One Fancy and One Casual

Another great debate: Do we dress fancy or keep it casual? I ask my couples to bring both but it all depends how comfortable you feel! I usually tell my couples to bring two outfits. Having both of these options allows the both of you to have some shots with you feeling fly as hell and classy and some in your chill every day outfits. These two options help you get the best of your shoot as well. I love me a good dress twirl for the dressy shots and a chillin' on a mountain side with your fav every day look shot. It is ultimately up to you what you bring, but this offers an awesome variety which I think every couple should have.

My favorite style recommendations for the ladies in summer/spring: A flowy dress with booties or heels. A jumpsuit, hair accsessory, some fancy flip flops. A line dress & flat brimmed hat.

My favorite style recommendations for the guys in summer/spring: Short sleeved dress shirt, jeans and dress shoes. Dress shirt, dress pant & dress shoes. Dress shirt, jeans & sneakers (let's face it guys, we wanna see you in a dress shirt, lol.)

My favorite style recommendations for the ladies in fall/winter: Cardigan or sweater, jeans, booties or heels, hat or hair accessory. Straight coat, beanie or scarf, leggings and booties/snowboots.

My favorite style recommendations for the guys in fall/winter: Flannel, jeans, sneakers. Sweater, dress pant or jeans with dress shoes. Straight coat, beanie, jeans and sneakers/snowboots.

3) Timeless is Key

We always tend to want to wear the hottest trends but I think it's important to pick outfits that are timeless. After all, these images will be passed down for generations, the last thing you want is to look back and think '"oh my god, I remember when pinstripes were the craze". That's why I'm sooo big on neutral tones because they radiate timeless energy. Avoid any logos, sayings or writing on your clothing, It's a huge distraction. Unless it goes with the theme, then totally go for it. I promise you a few years down the road you will be happy you picked a timeless look.

Examples of timeless styles for women: Turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, and leather jackets. Neutral colored t-shirt & tank top Straight leg jeans or black tailored pants. Ankle boots & sandals.

Examples of timeless styles for men: Dress shirt & tux. Leather jacket or cardigan and crew neck. Straight leg jeans or dress pants. Dress shoes or black sneakers.

4) Be Comfy, Feel Yourself & Bring a back up

Most important is feeling comfortable and feeling yourself! If you try on an outfit and it's not feeling comfortable or your feeling insecure in it, don't wear it! It will show in the images if you are not loving it. It's so important to feel confident & happy and if you're not feeling it 100% then ditch it. Bring clothing you feel your living your best life in. Make sure to make it about you! Don't wear something you have had sitting in your closet for months for a special occassion...wear that shirt you wear once a week cause it's your favorite and you know you SLAY in it!

Bring some old hiking shoes and a jacket to keep warm. Traveling in the mountains could get a little chilly and might have a short hike up some trails for the perfect shot. Always great to have backup clothing in different weather situations. We don't want you tripping over the tall grass or rocks with your heels babe! Your boo will help keep you warm in between shots with a jacket too!

Most importantly, remember to wear what YOU want. This is just some advice for the ones who would like guidance. You will look fabulous in whatever you wear, I know it!