McC Ranch, Loveland CO

I had the absolute pleasure of finally getting to shoot my first mountain wedding since I moved to Colorado. Little back story in case you don't know, I moved to Colorado from Chicago at the end of September and mountain life is now confirmed THE BEST. Anyways, I'm gonna share a little story about these two loves birds, Caley and Johnny.

Caley + Johnny's Wedding Day

Caley and Johnny's wedding day was the perfect day for a love story. It was mid-February and the sun was popping in and out through the day and it was nearly 60 degrees. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Both Caley and Johnny had an awesome time kicking off the party getting ready with their crew. The guys were cracking jokes and all of them were steaming their suits and exchanging memories and giving hugs. Caley and her ladies even made time to get together for a prayer circle. Each bridesmaid went around the circle and exchanged a prayer to Caley for her big day and tears were already starting to flow.

When it came time for the ceremony, the two exchanged vows over a gorgeous Colorado mountain backdrop. I always look forward to hearing the stories couples exchange. Their vows were heart felt. They both talked about the first time they met each other and how they started off as friends. Caley realized that their friendship was ready for the next level and they began dating. They both are very religious and teach religion to children. But they embarked on their religious journey together. Johnny mentioned in his speech how he was thankful she brought him closer to God. Caley mentioned that she seen so much growth in him and she was happy she can help strengthen his relationship with God.

These two are definitely meant to be, it was written all over their faces how passionate they are for each other. They planned this wedding in 3 MONTHS. Yeah, you heard that right. They made it all happen. But when you know, you know it's time and you will make it happen. I'm so glad these two found each other. I'm blessed to be apart of it all!!