Meet the lady behind the camera.

Hey hey, it's me ya girl Erica. I'm a 5'3 lil hippy chick who avidly only wears black, and when I do wear colors it's either RAINBOW AF or neutral vibes. I'm a Taurus so you best believe I'm stubborn and I'm horrible at math. But honestly who isn't just a little, right?!

More about me...

My name is Erica, but my mama calls me Joey. Why? Who knows. Honestly, you can call me Joey too, all my friends do so I'm used to it! I’m just ya average girl living her life near the mountains in Littleton, CO. I’m a kickboxer, I love wearing oversized sweaters and I’m also a hula hoop dancer...I promise you it’s cooler than it sounds! I’m a plant based human and I work with puppers during the week! I love my three little furry kitties more than life itself.

Why do I do what I do? I do this because I love this. Photography gives me a purpose. I want to give people memories. I LIVE for the reactions I get when people receive their photos from me. I love making people feel their worth.

I think every couple deserves to have their big day as they want it. Every love story has something beautiful to teach the world. I think every parent should feel blessed to bring their new child into the world. Every child deserves to feel loved and important. Every human being should feel beautiful in their own skin.

I'm here to help, I'm on your side..

I want you to walk away from a shoot with me knowing you made the right choice for a photographer. I want you to feel good about yourself. I promise to make you laugh. I promise to get you out of your shell. I promise to make you feel comfortable. I'm basically giving you my wedding vows to you! lol. But in all honestly, it's just how I feel. Like your friends would tell you after a bad breakup, I want what's best for you, love! I truly do.

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