You're bestie through the restie

Hi, I'm Erica. I'm a Colorado based portrait photographer and a new member of your fam. I'm glad you made it here!

I want to be your best friend to guide you through all of it. Your engagement, your wedding day, your pregnancy, your first child. Or just your "I wanna get dolled up and take some pics for the hell of it!" kinda days. I wanna be apart of it.

You deserve to feel amazing.

I pride myself in giving you the best experience you can possibly get when on a session with me. You need AND deserve a happy photog who wants to enjoy your moments with you. Let's grab a drink, go out to lunch, tell me about your life and let's get to know each other cause the memories start here! I don't just want your business and ditch ya, I'm here for the long haul. I will listen to all your needs and make them come to life. Need a shoulder to cry on? Here I am boo! Let's ride this train together. I got your back! Consider me apart of the fam now!

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“Erica made us feel comfortable just by being her self! She is a very kind, friendly and happy person! She was so positive and I felt she was just one of the girls! Her energy was just awesome!

Erica also does a lot of work prior to the wedding, she is very detailed and organized and it helps out so much for the day of! It makes you feel like she has everything for pictures under control and you really don’t have to worry to much and it gives you a great sense of ease!”